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Effective Sherman Oaks Accounting Services

business team at work in modern officeWhen we founded Honest Accounting Group, our goal was to offer you an efficient, detail-oriented, and useful accounting experience. Our team of CPAs has the experience, industry knowledge, and accounting skills to help you bring your company to the next level. We are dedicated to providing you with actionable insights, precise data, and thorough reports regarding your company's performance and financial standing.

Since 2008, we have assisted the businesses of Los Angeles and the broader Southern California region with their accounting needs. Our love for our incredibly diverse community inspires our work. We enjoy helping local businesses find new avenues of sustainable growth. Get in touch with Honest Accounting Group at our Sherman Oaks office today to schedule a consultation with us!

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Why Choose Honest Accounting Group?

laptop displaying financial graphsWe want to provide you with the support, resources, and accounting tools you need to gain control of your business. When you choose to partner with us for your accounting, you can rely on our team to make the process as thorough and straightforward as possible.

Our team enjoys getting to know you personally. At Honest Accounting Group, you're more than just a client. We take the time to understand your short- and long-term goals and discuss any questions or concerns you have. By investing time and energy into your accounts and getting to know your company's leadership, we can offer you an optimal experience.

We have a well-rounded and experienced team with extensive knowledge of the local market. Regardless of your line of business, we exceed your expectations and provide you with the high-quality support and attention you deserve. Our team keeps in touch with you regarding your company's performance, health, and status in either bi-weekly or monthly meetings. You'll never be left wondering about the state of your finances, and we are highly responsive to any questions.

Many of our accounting clients also benefit from our CFO services. We can help you analyze your cash flow, raise capital, create financial strategies, and more.

Providing You with an Efficient Smart Office Experience

Thanks to modern technological advances, the world of financial figures has become more accessible than ever before. We work to provide you with a secure virtual smart office setup designed to allow convenient access to important files, data, and bills. Your organized and comprehensive system can include:

  • Dropbox as a filing system
  • QuickBooks® accounting software customized to fit your industry
  • for your bills and accounts payable
  • TSheets to keep track of your team's hours for an accurate payroll

Our Accounting Services

Whether your company needs oversight or accurate financial statements, we're here to assist you. Our accounting services include:

Account Reconciliations: Our CPAs compare internal financial records to ensure the figures match. We confirm that the numbers in your general ledgers are correct and free of errors. Account reconciliations can help detect potential fraud and discrepancies.

Cash Flow Reports: This form of financial statement tracks the amount of cash coming into and out of your company. Cash flow reports show whether you can afford your operating expenses while meeting your debt obligations. You can also use a cash flow report to analyze how well your business manages its cash and available funding. We can break down where your money is being spent and highlight your primary sources of revenue.

Financial Projections: A financial projection uses available financial data from your company to predict future revenue and expenses. Our team can provide you with short- and long-term predictions that can help you set sustainable financial targets and plan for the coming months.

Budget to Actual Variance Analysis: We investigate your company's budget to compare estimated versus actual results. By exploring your budget, we can evaluate your company's performance and identify under- or over-performing areas.

Profit and Loss Sheets: Our team provides you with profit and loss statements to reveal your gross revenue and expenses across a specified time range. We can help you analyze the statement and recommend reducing costs, exploring new revenue sources, or both to increase your net profit.

Building a Network of Tax Specialists

top view of businessman using smartphoneAt the end of the third quarter, we help you create tax strategies to protect as much of your company's hard-earned revenue as possible. Through simple methods, such as opening retirement accounts for your employees or purchasing equipment your business needs, you can save significant amounts of money.

We network on your behalf to set you up with a reliable professional to help you file your taxes. Our team vets tax specialists to ensure that you receive top-quality services and assistance. We handle the transfer of your encrypted data to our network, so you don't have to go through any extra steps as the tax season approaches. By surrounding you with the talent you need to navigate the financial landscape, we put you in a position to grow and succeed.

Accounting Support to Grow Your Business

Whether you need financial projections to help you strategize or cash flow statements to better manage your money, our CPAs at Honest Accounting Group are prepared to work with you. By providing personalized services for your specific business and industry, we help you plan for success. Contact Honest Accounting Group in Sherman Oaks today so we can provide you with the streamlined accounting experience you deserve!

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