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Intelligent Bookkeeping in Sherman Oaks

accountants pointing at laptop screenAny successful business knows that bookkeeping is the backbone of a good accounting system. Having accurate and up-to-date records ensure that you can make decisions based on facts that support your business needs. At Honest Accounting Group, we strive to make your bookkeeping as accessible and effortless as possible for you.

Our team is here to do more than simply crunch the numbers for you. We can create and optimize a full digital suite that will simplify your data entry, tracking, and reporting. Best of all, we can handle all bookkeeping functions for your company. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can help you streamline your bookkeeping!

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Why Should I Outsource My Bookkeeping?

On the surface, bookkeeping seems like a straightforward process. You enter all data on financial transactions and accounts to keep track of your company's spending and earnings. Yet as with any business process, there are complexities that could slow you down considerably. Outsourcing to our team at Honest Accounting Group comes with several advantages, including:

Saving You Time: Not only is data entry itself time-consuming but checking for errors like missed or duplicate entries can take time you don't have to spare. When you outsource to us, we handle all of this for you so that you can put your focus where it's needed.

Optimizing Your Process: Finding the fastest and most efficient way to enter data often takes trial and error, especially if you're building a system from scratch. Our team can work with you to identify your unique needs and develop a process that plays to your strengths.

Increasing Accuracy: We can dedicate our full attention to your account to ensure that everything is entered accurately, and nothing gets left out. You'll have much greater confidence in the reliability of your bookkeeping, knowing we have a focused eye at all times.

Providing Insight: Our accountants know how to look beyond the numbers and translate that into meaningful insight into your business. When you pair bookkeeping with accounting or business consulting, we can provide reasoned advice and strategies based on precise data that you can easily follow.

Building Your Smart Office

At Honest Accounting Group, we work with you to create a smooth bookkeeping experience that's as comprehensive and flexible as you need. Our team will build a smart office setup using a variety of effective modern accounting tools to ensure every aspect of the process is covered.

A full digital bookkeeping suite can include:

  • Dropbox for a reliable and easily accessible filing system. Store your data with the confidence that employees can access it remotely as needed, and that your data is always backed up.
  • QuickBooks® to manage your accounting data and extrapolate information as needed. This premier accounting software offers a wide variety of tools that we can help you optimize and navigate to greatest effect.
  • to manage your accounts payable and ensure that your business meets its obligations completely and on time.
  • TSheets to track employee hours for accurate payroll. Having an efficient system across the board with offsite data ensures that your payroll is handled and that you can clearly see its impact on your business as a whole.

Our team will work with yours to ensure that these systems are not only installed and established but are fully integrated into your business operations. We can provide relevant and in-depth training to employees and troubleshoot as needed. Our goal is to help your entire bookkeeping process become as efficient and straightforward as possible, taking the burden off your shoulders while we deliver results.

Flexible Bookkeeping Options

business woman sitting in her officeAs experienced accountants, we know that each business has its own preferences for how they operate. We strive to be not only reliable and efficient but also flexible to your needs.

Our team is happy to provide the full suite setup for any interested clients. With the complete suite of digital programs, we can maintain every aspect of your bookkeeping. All your company needs to do is upload bills, receipts, and other data you need entered into your ledgers into your established dropbox. Our accountants will then handle the entry and any other steps as required.

For those who prefer to be more hands-on, our team will gladly coordinate with you. If you prefer to handle the entries yourself, you can then upload the statements, and we'll take the next step to handle reconciliations. Whichever works best for your business, Honest Accounting Group is ready to serve as your partner working toward your company's success.

Job Cost Reporting for Project-Based Businesses

close up on hand shake between engineer and construction workerIf your company works on a project-based model, such as construction or contractors, you have additional needs when it comes to bookkeeping. Honest Accounting Group goes above and beyond to provide detailed job cost reporting for individual projects. You can see clearly defined readouts to track expenses and financial data, which you can then relay to your client when needed. Having up-to-date reports is not only great for managing your projects effectively. It also makes you look more professional, which boosts client confidence and can help you build a reliable client base.

Experience a Better Way to Handle Bookkeeping

Whether your business is priming for growth or just getting off the ground, the quality of your bookkeeping is a vital part of your success. We're proud to serve Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Encino, and Los Angeles County small businesses with intelligent, intuitive, and reliable bookkeeping. Get the outsourced help your business deserves when you schedule a consultation today!

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